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Heaven's Child

I would not like for you to cry
It's just a part of life to die
I know you miss me and you are sad
But dying isn't something bad.
I'm only just beyond your sight
I've gone with Angels through the light.
I send to all of you my love
From Heaven's gardens up above.

I like it here, I'm havig fun
And I am with The Holy One.
I am sitting on His knee
With Jesus watching over me.
So many souls I knew before
Were waiting here at Heaven's Door
To welcome me with open arms
And keep me safe and make me warm.

So when you think of me please smile
For I will see you in a while.
Trust the Lord, don't ask him why...
He wants me here to paint the sky.
With rainbows, clouds and shining lights
To brighten days and warm your nights.
Remember what I said before
Please don't cry for me anymore.

I am Heaven's Child, you see
I play with Angels surrounding me.
I can fly with speed of thought
to be with you when you think I'm not.
So please remember I love you
And I know that you love me too,
and even now, while we're apart
I'm still right here. I'm in your heart.

NOTICE: This poem is copyrighted. Please do not reprint or reproduce our original poems without obtaining written permission from the author. Please send inquiries through our contact page. Thank you.

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