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MCADD = Medium Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency

More MCADD Family Stories

We would like to thank the families who have shared their own personal stories about MCAD deficiency (MCADD) so others will be made aware of this little known genetic disorder.

Please remember that getting your kids tested can save their lives. MCADD is treatable if you know it is there. It is the undiagnosed MCADD kids that are at such a high risk.

Stories of Undiagnosed MCADD


Ben was a typical active 2 1/2 year old.
He seemed so normal and healthy. His family had no warning of the danger he
faced with undiagnosed MCADD or how
quickly it could take him from them.

Read Ben's MCADD Story


Madison had just turned 1 year old on March 8, 2002. She died on March 27, 2002 of undiagnosed MCADD.

Read Madison's MCADD Story



20 year old Michelle Murry's story is
a sad reminder that these screenings
donít have to be limited to newborns.
Undiagnosed MCADD can strike down
a seemingly healthy person at any age.

Read Michelle's MCADD Story

Early Detection of MCAD Deficiency
Leads To Much Happier Outcomes...


The state were Alex was born does not
require testing for MCADD. Luckily, his
hospital orders supplemental newborn screening anyway. Alex's family is now
aware of the special care he will require.

Read Alex's MCADD Story



Kira was a typical 18-month-old little girl when on October 21, 2003 she became very ill and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. The ER Doctors saved her life and her MCADD was diagnosed soon after.

Read Kira's MCADD Story

Anna Hanley


Anna was born February 19, 2003. One week later her parents recieved an early morning call from Anna's pediatrician with
the results of her newborn screening test.
Early detection of MCADD saved her life.

Read Anna's MCADD Story


David Cole


David's diagnosis of MCADD came just
a few days following his birth. Thanks to information from the Internet, his parents were able to ask questions and better understand what was happening to him.

Read David's MCADD Story



Samara was diagnosis with MCADD
in November of 2004, when she was
just 13 months old. Her family is very
thankful her condition was discovered
in time to save their precious little girl.

Read Samara's MCADD Story



Isaac's close call and early diagnosis of
MCAD in June of 2005 may have helped
save the life of Sofia, his sister who is due to be born in September. Thanks to Isaac,
she will be tested for MCAD immediately.

Read Isaac's MCADD Story


Dylan and Chase

Dylan and his younger brother Chase
were both tested and diagonosed with MCADD at birth. Thanks to that quick detection, they are now a very happy,
active, fun loving and inseparable pair!

Dylan and Chase's MCADD Story



It was discovered that Gavin had
MCADD the day he turned 11 months
old yet his fraternal twin brother,
Logan, does not have the disorder.

Read Gavin's MCADD Story



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