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MCADD = Medium Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency


Precious Alexis, 8 years old.
Eyes of glitter, heart of gold.
You made us laugh, you made us see,
How beautiful life can truly be.

God came to you and took your hand,
And led you to His far-off land.
Fly in the heavens with the angels above,
And never forget you have our love.

In our hearts forever you'll stay,
Your giggle, smile, and funny little ways.
The way you hugged us oh so tight,
The butterfly kisses every night.

You're in our hearts until the end.
The day we'll be together again.
And in my arms again I'll hold,
Precious Alexis, 8 years old.

by Kelly Peters
Alexis' Momma


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